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A review that will decide the fate of health projects across the state voted unanimously yesterday not to approve Mercy Hospital and Medical Center's plan to close early next year. The health committee yesterday confirmed the city's decision to have about 400 fewer beds on Chicago's South Side, where people of color have long been disproportionately affected by chronic illnesses (now COVID-19).

Catholic giant Trinity Health, which owns the South Side facility, plans to challenge the findings at a board meeting on January 26. Sources said Trinity could return to the board meeting with a compromise that would persuade members to vote in favor of closing Mercy.

For example, it could be offered to keep the outpatient centre open as long as it is operational, which is planned for 30 September. Still, industry observers point out, such penalties could be significantly smaller than the millions of dollars the hospital says it is losing each month.

The longtime French bistro in Lincoln Park, one of the city's most popular restaurants for years, turns 20 at the end of the month and will celebrate next week with a host of events and freebies. Change Up Kitchen offers a rotating selection of local, seasonal and local dishes, as well as a variety of special events. The restaurant, now in its third year, turned 10 in July and offers will be made over the next month.

In all likelihood, the board's ability to refuse to close Mercy has less to do with the pandemic than with restoring power to the appointees. The panel is due to vote on the outpatient project next week and is expected to reconsider the hospital's request to close. In the case of the recently closed hospital, it must agree to a request to close unless a full application is made by the hospital operators. However, if it is deemed unsafe to do so, the state can require it to continue working.

Trinity, which reports monthly operating losses of $4 million, according to Mercy, remains open. The facility could also lose the ability to collect payments from the state for its $1.5 million annual operating budget. The panel upheld its rejection last week by a 2-1 vote in favor of Trinity's request for an outpatient facility.

European users agree to our Data Transfer Policy and by registering, you agree to the Privacy Policy. Closing a health facility without a permit can result in fines of up to $1.5 million and / or the loss of government funding if violations persist. The state health department rejected the Oak Forest Hospital, which Cook County closed in 2011, and two other facilities in the Chicago area.

The alleged incident occurred almost a year ago, but the restaurant has regularly passed numerous health and safety checks before and after this time. The owners and dozens of protesters believe the real reason for the closure was the alleged violation of their restaurant's license, CBS2 reported.

Trinity said it has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to finance infrastructure improvements and meet operational needs since it bought Mercy in 2012. Trinity has also said the aging plant will require at least $1.5 million in capital improvements and $500,000 in operating costs over the next five years.

Trinity recently applied to the state for a $13 million outpatient clinic to be opened less than two miles from the hospital. Sources said it was unlikely Trinity would rule Mercy out altogether if it fell out of favour with the board, as it still owns a majority stake in the plant, as well as a large portion of the property and other assets of the plant.

The restaurant, which opened in 2012 and has established itself as a nightlife with live music and slot machines, will remain open while the owners appeal the decision ahead of a hearing scheduled for the end of June. The restaurant's former location, 2401 N. Western Avenue, was closed last year to become a medical office after the owner sold the premises and slot machines.

Representatives of Trinity did not respond to questions about whether Mercy had begun to provide certain services or whether employees had already taken positions elsewhere. A Carnivale spokesman responded by saying: "Fulton Catering Corporation takes the quality of our food very seriously.

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