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Officials in several Chicago suburbs are warning residents to be on alert after possible protests and vandalism were reported in the area Sunday afternoon. Officials in the suburb of Homewood reportedly called for store closures as a precaution out of concern for protests and looting.

Still, with no reports of looting or shooting confirmed, county officials are asking residents to stay inside their homes as a precaution. Shops in the city are due to close at 7pm and a curfew will be in place until 7am on Monday. The curfew began Sunday afternoon after reports of looting and damage to damaged buildings and the shooting of a police officer.

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The Blue Island school district covered the insurance bill for the store, which was near the school programs. The pop-up bike store was funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Cal Sag Rail and Trails Conservancy. See more photos to see how they have given Blue Island Illinois a new lease of life and more information about the bike shops in the area.

Other communities, including Tinley Park and Blue Island, have imposed a curfew for Sunday. The Chicago Ridge Mall was closed as a precaution on Sunday night, and village officials urged other local businesses to close as well. Residents of Tinly Park were also urged to stay indoors due to the protests and unrest. Protests broke out in Chicago on Saturday night and Sunday morning, looting several locations in the southern suburbs.

In New Lenox, a suburb of New York, residents received a Nixle warning, urging them to stay near their homes, remain vigilant and "remain vigilant" as protesters moved through the Lincoln Way area. The news comes as several suburbs reported possible looting and protests on Sunday, while others, including Tinley Park and Blue Island, imposed mandatory curfews in response to the unrest. Due to increased police activity and threats against the community, Tinly Park Village has imposed a one-hour curfew for all residents of the village from 10pm on Saturday night until 6am on Sunday morning. The curfew comes into effect at midnight, meaning essential travel is only allowed.

A variety of stores is quite huge, but a real presence is helpful on the corner of Western / Walnut, where a trio of retail spaces have been empty since 2007. There have been reports of people who brought collateral and did not pay later, and there has been a lot of talk about people who brought collateral and did not pay later.

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Take a look around and see if you can find someone on site who meets your needs for what you are buying or selling today. If the Blue Island florist does not have a toll-free phone number, please include your local phone numbers and area codes. I have listed the city or city closest to you if it is in the cities or towns you want. The nearest family friendly place is 10 miles away, but I am 3 miles from the Chicago suburbs, so I looked around again and had no problem with the local code or the phone number on the back of the map.

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